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Ode to Mary Jane

by D’Asia Smith

Oh, Mary who I so happen to call Jane Hell, honestly you go by so many names You can be contained in framed and they’ll all go insane Crying “who’s to blame” But I get you I truly do When I hold you, you excite me When I feel all up on you, you don’t complain It’s easy no more pain You help me stay in my lane You love when I use you My lips all over you Yea I’m getting all of you Whenever we link its nothing but good times Endless thoughts be running through my mind But you aren’t always so kind I hit you and you hit back What did I expect you ain’t nothing to play with You the type to star gaze with So high up on you I miss you when I touch down You make it a point that I stand on my own Showing you that “different” that I’m claiming You don’t believe me, and I don’t blame you Listen let’s not get this misunderstood Imma be good with or withoucha Standing on my own I did it before But in the back of my mind I wish I had a clone To get you all alone yea listen you can hear it in my tone “chirp chirp” now they blowing up the phone Damn I was really in the zone So, ma we gonna have to postpone Now it’s back to reality Somewhere down the line you probably would’ve led to my mortality so here’s how you changed my mind You push me to do better you build obstacles for me And I’m learning past them We all gonna go one day and that’s inevitable But it’s up to me to make sure I’m living life until it’s my time and yea I bagged a few dimes Shared a few rhymes hell it was really good times The choice was mine and Mary baby I think we did just fine

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