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VSU Writers


"Requiem for Terra," by Matthew Prosise

"Away," by Kadyn Washington

"Enough is Enough," By Lauren Burrell

"All I Can Remember," by Jade Chance

"Grief," by Ayanna M. Harrison

"Intertwined," by Ayanna M. Harrison

"My Favorite Plant," by Yani McNeil

"The Dream Field," by Samaria Rountree

"Who Are We?" by Samaria Rountree

"The Great Outdoors," by Malia Saygo

"Untitled," by Malia Saygo​

"10:47 PM," by Faith Simms

"Read My Mind," by Ashanta Williams

"My Blackness," by Kadyn Washington​

"Changing Minds," by Sherena Willford

"Cold Outside," by Thomas Woodhouse




"Mirrors on the Wall," by Samaria Rountree

"Farewell," by Aerin Cuff

"Fun Times," by Armani Callands

"Aida and the Crystal palace," by Hamilton Winstead


Creative Nonfiction

"Dear Mom," by Yani McNeil

"Lost Love From a Hopeless Romantic," by Aerin Cuff

"Such a Lady," by Samaria Rountree

Critical Essay

"Black Identity in America," by Yani McNeil

"Amplifying Women's Voices Through Fictional Writing," by Besmah Al-Ashari


Visiting Writers

Flash Fiction By France R. Archange of Oakwood University:


"Troubled Man"

Poetry By nAILAH stARKS OF Dillard University:

"In Too Deep"

"Just a Woman"

"Haikus for the Black Man"

"Hear the Loud Gospel"

"What Now?"

"Rest in Power"



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