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By Michelle Allette, Virginia State University

It's gonna be a great day!

I'm so excited–don't know what to expect–

but fun! I might try it.

So, first I have to get up, 

but my mind has unseen plans.

I'll figure it out later–morning brings so much suspense!

And now I'm thinking

and thinking and thinking

and wondering

and worrying–

and I know, I know I should go 

out and play, 

enjoy people and places but really 

I just want my couch.

I just want quiet.

I don't think I ever finished that cry from last week

I don't think I want to be happy.

Not today. Maybe tomorrow

I'll go outside.

All I really want to do is escape 

my mind I'm tired 

just thinking about it and 

I've been up for just five minutes, now, thinking 

I was gonna have a great day.

About the Author

Michelle Allette, Virginia State University

Michelle Allette is a Junior at VSU, majoring in Sociology with a minor in English. In her spare time, Michelle likes to spend time with her children, give back to the community, write and watch movies. Michelle says that writing is her therapy and that it has saved her many times, ever since childhood.

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