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By Malia Saygo, Virginia State University

Am I the book on the top shelf?

Always in the back of your mind but never important enough to truly try and get...

You only try for me when everything else gets old.

But even then, I’m just a small thought on your thought train.

Am I enough?

I’m enough for myself.

Sitting on this top shelf, lonely, I have time to think.

I am special.

Nobody reaches for me because I am “too much work.”

I’m not too much work.

I am not work for someone who wants me.

For someone who truly tries for me.

You are not enough

For me.

About the Author

Malia Saygo, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a senior psychology major at Virginia State University. Malia only recently began writing creatively, but plans to do more writing, painting and drawing after graduation while pursuing a career working with children.

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