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by Jovan Cole

It’s always a tough ride for me man… Try traverse through the sand, and I’m searching through this dust land. Life, what is it all about? Every word that I spote, brings a heavy rain cloud. The generation is full of hatred Face it, we’re in infestation of compiled arrangements of Satan. Our hate is graved in the pavement. This generation vandalizes our dignity & pride. To disgrace all our leaders who had died to fight for this country but most of y’all don’t realize our flaws & imperfections, Yall rather have fun sexing each other instead of analyzing the true message. Kids nowadays thinks it okay to wreak havoc, such a tragic time we live in, when all of our brothers & sisters are never listening or appreciating the sacrifices our parents went through in this dimension Not to mention, when I close my eyes I see is heaven where no weapons can’t be birthed & ascension can live it’s worth. I wish I knew my worth when I became a Kendrick Lamar fan. Hearing lyrics that I can’t fully comprehend or understand. I wish i can make amend of how I stand As a young teenager almost becoming a man. I’ll be damned if I ran through another situation again. Making my grandmother & my aunt cry time after time. Those tears more to me than just water in their eyes. I see pain embedded in their brains I went fully insane, punching walls forming dents. My tent was falling apart, the foundation i created was dissipating Endless waterfalls flowing to their destination calls. Promises are broken & more resentment come alive. We speak in snakes because humans are fakes & spew out lies To disguise your snake eyes. What I’m trying to imply is, re-evaluate your perspective and priorities Because the majority of my people are being stomped out by white superiority.

When i see look into own eyes, i see different lights. Dark, bright, dim sights, all kinds of different views, perspectives, experiences and moods. Just by glancing at my iris, but i sense more. pain, fear, lost and bonds broken within my soul.

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