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by Jaquori Braddock


This girl made it to college. Talking about she wants a degree And to get higher knowledge, Talking about she wants to be A marine biologist, but when she up in class She’s only talking and gossiping now. Tell me that ain’t insecure, her sister told her Don’t mess up your freshman year And keep your stuff straight don’t graduate in December. Not tryin to scare you I just want you to remember That now you can be the girl that you wanna be, Shut the negatives out and believe that you can achieve Just gotta put your mind to it and you gotta believe And once you do all of that then you just may succeed BUT! To succeed you gotta do the work and, Keep your head and books and keep yourself from twerking. Don’t trust none of them boys that’s out there lurkin’ Because really ask yourself is getting pregnant even worth it.

“Sister2Sister” by Selene C. Reddick

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