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She fell.

By Kayla Pinson

Devin Lightner

The Statue of Liberity has fallen.

The cold water suffocated her almost immediately

and Elise Island was rid of her welcoming smile

Gasping for free air, in what is now a wasteland of opporunity

the future president weeps during a eulogy made on

the steps of her pedestal.

An Iranian immigrant smiles as he witnesses the

lies of America drown

Knowing she tripped on the chains only few knew about.

A permanent prisoner the presidential candidate used the speeches to

promote his platform

He cries that he can make America a new world

again as Lady Liberty is swallowed by the darkness at

bottom of the sea

Never to be forgotten

Never to be retrieved.

She shivers beside the shackled bones of black

bodies her own ankles a reflection she should have known was coming

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