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by Kayla Disasi

Poetry Honorable Mention, 2020 VSU Student Writing Contest

I am a queen inside my rugged castle

I am royalty among fellow royalty

But they don’t see their status

They don’t see their worth

And why is that you ask?

It is because they aren’t treated as such

Left and right kings are being shot like game

Right and left queens are giving themselves to those who aren’t deserving

Left and right kings are getting mixed up in nonsense

Right and left queens are tearing each other down when we should be rising together

My fellow kings and queens are fearing of the world that they inhabit

But the world should be fearing of them

Not because of the violence they are portrayed as

But because of the ground that they walk upon

Our ancestors built all of this

We are descendants of kings and queens

And it is for that we should ascend the latter

We should rise to our worth

Reach toward our potential

Because we are royalty my kings and queens


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