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Read My Mind

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

By Ashanta Williams, Virginia State University

Don’t make me speak because I will filter my feelings out the words

Feel my palm

Dissect the future we prophesied and sort the lies from truths

Read my lips

Just in case I try to pour myself out to you because those words have no sound

Hold my hand

I might try to pull away but yank me back to remind me you are still there

Hug me tight

Wrap both hands around because I never could link home to love

Kiss me slowly

So, I know that u aren’t quick to leave and catch someone else’s breath

Look me in my eye

I want to read your soul so mine can touch yours to forever be connected

Listen to my heart

It beats the love I have for you and is the rawest form of me

About the Author

Ashanta Williams, Virginia State University

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