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Ode to Writing

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

By Tiffanie Dzietror

Poetry Honorable Mention, 2018 VSU Student Writing Contest

This is an ode to loving you In all your trial and errors An ode to the spinning off the page of it all And the doodling and forsaking it for days This is an ode to the unforced rhyme scheme That presents itself even when unprompted

This is an ode to the pen and an ode to the paper An ode to Audre, Whitman, Shel Sonia, Maya, and Langston as well Not to forget my manz Theodore Guissel An ode to writers workshop, to Colasuanno, Spell, Rudy, Ferson.

An ode to ten minutes that turn into twenty An ode to confusion that courses to clarity An ode to creation and consciousness An ode to reality and its duality

This is an ode to loving you With all your joy and all your blues This is an ode to the blank page syndrome Cuz that’s how this ode convened

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