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My Favorite Plant

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

By Yani McNeil, Virginia State University

Herbal scents invade the once dull office,

This is where we gather to take communion.

Be mindful of consumption, you may get nauseous

Of the overwhelming celebration of union.

Betrayed by society turning its back

Painted as a villain, undeserving of respect

Oh! how silly to think a seed could attack

Why must everyone dislike the plant I select?

It would behoove you to open your mind

Explore what adventures lie before your eyes

A harmless victim, unprepared and ill-defined

Be mindful not to get swayed by the lies

Yet, some people do get it and stand on duty

Sworn to protect our seed and marvel at its beauty

About the Author

Yani McNeil, Virginia State University

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