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My Creator

by Melvinie Jackson


At times, I wonder about your past and what has made you, you. What were you like back then? As I sit on the steps and stare at the off-white painted walls, hanging there is a photo of you when you were six years old. I close my eyes and try to formulate what could’ve happened that day. The sun beaming on your soft brown skin. I can see your long and thick black pony tails with white bows at the top, bouncing up and down as you ran through the grass in Papa’s backyard. Prancing in your white dress, you reminded me of an angel so pure and holy. And that illuminating smile that would run across your face with a gap so wide like a mile. As I hold your soft brown wrinkled hands that have nurtured a few, Tell me, what has made them so giving? Just like Christ, you have sacrificed yourself and your dreams so that I could live out my dreams. The grey hairs that peak from your scalp don’t account for your wisdom. You know so much about life and its entirety You are strong just like the pounding sounds of your heart and your faith is unmeasurable. I am your reflection and I long to be just like you. For you are truly the definition of a virtuous woman.

“My Creator” by Lina H. Kim

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