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My Blackness

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

By Kadyn Washington, Virginia State University

My blackness is not subjected to just my melanin but what lies within

The innocence portrayed on my face that conflicted by the pain in my eyes and between my thighs

All tell the biography of my life

Being a double minority is a hell of a trip

Like I was born with shackles and a chastity belt

But hey that's the cards I’ve been dealt

I'm reduced to my curves that drive men crazy

But drives employers away

I'm expected to accept my own depression like an old friend from high school

Because if I show my pain I’m broken

But if I don’t, no man would accept me because my feelings often go unspoken

I shouldn’t be subjected to the kinks and curls in my hair just because it doesn’t lay as flat as theirs

To bringing the brush when my mom asked for the comb

Or waking up with a headache because my scarf was on too tight

To being called white just cuz my skin is kinda light

MY BLACKNESS is not up for discussion

you can either have all of me or you can have nothing

Because I am a black woman as you can see

People have such strange expectations for the girls with the melanin skin

I say how can you hate from the outside of the club when you can’t even get in?

About the Author

Kadyn Washington, Virginia State University

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