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If I told you

by KeAjah Bishop

Poetry Winner, 2020 VSU Student Writing Contest

If I told you that I’m not like the others, That I loved the way your head tilts when you smile, And how when we hug, you hold on for a little while longer, Would you deny it easily?

If I told you that I’m not in love but love who you are, That I wouldn’t mind spending every night laying up under you like a star, Would you believe me?

Would you see me if I showed you my intentions, I mean I know you’ve been hurt But I’m the registered nurse for Your condition,

If I told you that all you needed was kisses, And a homecooked meal on my grandma’s favorite china, Would I be the one that you desire?

I wouldn’t mind doing the dishes, I know that I’m the real that you require, You in the market for Love and I’m the number one supplier.

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