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by Taylor Solomon


I can still smell the honey in your hair, The way your body smells in the morning. It’s morning. Radiating warmth from your face to my hands, honey. I remember the satin lines of your tattoos, each line tore me.

I can still feel the fruit of your lips over my skin, honey. The way we would become one, descendants, two halves made whole. Half of me still wrecked in this skin you left me in, Half of you still lay among my bed sheets.

Among my body’s breath and bones and blood Traces of you still remain. I smell the honey, Across my cheeks and in my hair the traces Of you still remain. You embody my darkest nights

You were my sun, but now I am the sun And I am full of light. Sometimes I still smell the honey, I still feel the warmth from your face against my hands But I remember that I am the sun and I am full of light.

“Honey” by Fatima Traore

“Honey” by Dazhane’ Myler

“Honey” by Sefiyetu A. Abdullah

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