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His Life - Honorable Mention

By Tori Lyde

Devin Lightner

There once was this boy, fat young fella indeed,

He always put on the best face but was unhappy, in need.

Nicest kid you’d ever meet, polite, and all

But inside, he felt that people pegged him as flawed.

Never really fit in in the world of sports.

Rather read books, books of all sorts.

Family seemed to tease him quite often you see,

Except a select few, who he trusted heavily.

Teachers were his heart and he was theirs

Didn’t want to be at home, instead in a desk chair

Learning stuff to take his mind off of the sadness he felt

Because that’s the only time his self-esteem didn’t melt.

There once was this teen, fat young teen indeed

He always put on the best face but was unhappy, in need!

Enduring roles that no teen should take

And blamed for things that were not true for Christ’s sake.

But he smiled, and he drove, and he did as they said

Tiring himself out, at 17, he felt dead.

Friends he had made, and they were cool

People he could trust, hang out with after school.

But how long would they last, probably not long

Only memory of them now are through different songs.

There was once this young man, fat young man indeed

He always put on the best face but was unhappy, in need!

This young man had many questions for sure,

He thought he could find the answers behind educations doors.

He knocked and he knocked but no answer came

So he insisted, that he, himself was the blame.

There is this guy, slim guy indeed

He always puts on the best face but is unhappy, in need!

Nicest fella at heart, pleasant in mood,

Never hurts a fly, not intentionally rude.

But like the young fella, doesn’t fit in

Doesn’t know why, where to start or begin.

Afraid to be wrong, doesn’t want to fail,

So accepts torment, making his heart frail.

Others speak, although not all true

If only they had a clue!

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