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Half Hugs

by Tiffanie Dzietror

Poetry Winner, 2017 VSU Student Writing Contest

Half hugs are like spoilt honey

They leave a bad taste in your mouth after

Half hugs are like jumping into a crystalline body of water

and finding out its only ankle deep

half hugs are like the popsicle with no joke on the stick

half hugs be artificial, half hugs be simulated

half hugs would be a 4D ride at Seven Flags

when the rain is supposed to drizzle down on ya

and instead you get a bucket of water thrown at your face

Half hugs are like two sips of milk left in the carton

When you’ve got fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

Just begging for a glass of milk to compliment them

Half hugs are like a death in the family

Sad and omen-full

Half hugs are like hand me downs

Unwanted and never fitting right

Half hugs are like sickness,

Half hugs are like a cold

Chilly and warm altogether

Half hugs are evil

Half hugs are the devil

Half hugs are everything that’s wrong with this generation

Half hugs are malicious

They’re dreadful and unfortunate

Flat out vicious and mean

They’re heartless and wretched, their rachet, just obscene

Half hugs are hypocritical, they’re sanctimonious and they’re smug.

I mean…if you’re gonna do it you may as well do it right

Or then it’s just formality

And then I’m just another dog

And you can be Awkward and un-serving with the next chick.

So you can keep your ill sendoff, your good guy ritual, your claim to fame.

And we can just not with the half hugs.

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