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Haikus for the Black Man

By Nailah Starks, Dillard University

Beware, he’s coming

Have you ever heard him speak?

Roses kiss his tongue.

Momma who is that? He’s a tall lookin’ brotha

Too sweet for the eye

Six feet five inches

A humble beast to my heart

Everything is yours.

Let me break the wall

I am intrigued by your mind

I want to know you

You are my Midnight

Sister Souljah would be proud

Let me lick your spine

Hair like my Samson

The power is his alone

Let me get some grease.

Full lips like some grits

Swallow me whole my sugar

I am your breakfast

Just kiss me tonight

You never leave my bed cold

Mama’s got the man.

Promise to stay here

You don’t have to pretend now

Lay it on my breast

Fly like autumn leaves

You dance around my spirit

How come you can’t stay?

My tears a droppin’

Cause that boy did it again

Does he not love me?

Screwed by the distance

How could I ever forget

You filled my black hole

Come again my love

And I’ll whisper in your ear

Sweet words bless my heart!

About the Author

Nailah Starks is a 20-year old Sophomore English major at Dillard University with a vision to become a successful teacher and writer. Her poetry has been published in the 2019 and 2020 Appelley Rising Stars collection as well as the 2020 Upon Arrival anthology by Eber and Wein Publishing. She also has her own blog, Praying Girl, and her own business, N&N Charms. Nailah's personal mission statement is to educate, influence, transform, and inspire people who face adversity through her writings and personal experiences.

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