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Fluffy Girls Unite

Updated: May 10, 2021

by Brianna S. Feggins

Ekphrasis in reVerse 2020

When we look in the mirrors,

We often have to remind ourselves,

That when people say hurtful and negative things,

When they judge us from the outside instead of in;

When they Google the word “Plus Size” or “thick”,

They expect a curvy, bodacious body size 16,

Instagram model with big boobs and a big ol’ booty,

But instead find a size 24 woman that has cellulite,

Rolls, curves and stretch marks in places that they never

Thought existed because those superficial – oops, I mean

Supermodels didn’t have them. We have to remember one thing…

We MUST always stand together, break stereotypes, and always

Walk, strut, dance, and pose with our heads held high so that

Our crowns will not fall, because WE. ARE. Q U E E N S !

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