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by Seth Mitchell


The doughboy is all grown He’s a king on his throne He thinks he’s Al Capone To the gangstas well known To the cops unknown Hard as a bone His heart is a stone He got so much money he don’t need a loan And he only talks business on the payphone Doughboy On the streets he’s royal His soldiers are loyal Buries his oppositions bodies in the soil Doughboy Hiding in his lair With a junkie’s wife, having an affair About the lives he ruins, he doesn’t care Got all that money and he don’t even share Doughboy Bow down to his dope Bow down to the ‘hood pope And watch your life slide down a slope As you realize you have no hope Doughboy Lives he slays Junkies pays The streets decays As his money heavy weighs Doughboy He’s the man around town Wearin’ a crown Never shows a frown Swimmin’ in cash, ready to drown Doughboy The ‘hood politician With a ‘hood tuition On a money mission With a cop superstition Everyday usin’ six rounds of ammunition Doughboy Walking down the street with a grin Drinkin’ his gin And scratchin’ his chin Doesn’t care if he commits a sin He’ll sell dope to his own kin If you owe him money, he’ll rip off your skin And tell you to play the world’s smallest violin Doughboy Sellin’ drugs since June Started out as a goon Now all soldiers are in a platoon Feedin’ dope to his junkies like a baby with a spoon He’s snitch immune And stoppin’ no time soon Doughboy He walks down the street with a stomp Actin’ like he’s Donald Trump Drivin’ fifty miles over a speed bump And throwin’ dead bodies in the neighborhood dump Doughboy

“Doughboy” by Dominic Mendes

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