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All I Can Remember

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

By Jade Chance, Virginia State University

I can’t remember

To this day

Who he was,

Why he touched me

Why he abused me

All I know is

I wasn’t happy

I was scared

I thought he loved me

The way he hugged me

Everything seemed okay

But he’d get angry

When things didn’t go his way

All I can remember is being

Adored then,


Little did I know

It was abuse

It was too late

So, what could I say

My story wouldn’t add up

Because I can’t remember his face

To this day.

About the Author

Jade Chance is a Norfolk, Virginia native and a current undergrad student at Virginia State University majoring in mass communications. Jade's interests range from painting to songwriting as outlets for self-expression, and she says she considers herself more of a lyricist than a poet. Creativity is her playground, and Jade enjoys just seeing what she can create, sometimes without even trying!

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