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By Anjl Powell

Winner, 2021 VSU Art + Poetry Contest

After Wislawa Szymborska

I prefer feelings

I prefer love letters

I prefer the weather in the fall

I prefer Meyer to Rowling

I prefer loving myself

to myself loving everyone else

I prefer keeping cash on hand, just in case

I prefer the color blue

I prefer actions over words

in a sense actions speaks louder

I prefer excitement

I prefer staying in late

I prefer having someone to talk to about my problems

I prefer they way people used to read books

I prefer my imagination running wild

to being bored with what I am reading

I prefer where love is concerned public displays of affections

That is shown every second of the day

I prefer labels

which pushes the idea of what will be

I prefer Eros love over Philia love

I prefer constant reassurance

I prefer empathy over sympathy

I prefer doing something to trying to do it

I prefer Disney princess movies to Harry potter books

I prefer a winter with snow to a snowless winter

I prefer animals that can cuddle

I prefer warm hands, since mine are always cold

I prefer night lights

I prefer speaking my mind all the time

to holding my tongue for a minute

I prefer the lenses of a microscope to the lenses of a telescope

I prefer to not split the pole

I prefer to have patience than to lose it

I prefer to give my love to someone who is worthy of

what I have to offer

About the Author

Anjl Powell, Virginia State University

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