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By Emiyah T. Brooks

From the Mass Communication Department’s 2016 Photojournalism Exhibit

Standing here on this stage, my palms are sweating and my voice is shaking

Can you tell?

Can you tell that aside from this anxiety and nervousness..that I feel this way everyday

I wonder why me?

Sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed just smacks me in my face and I burst into tears

I don't wana eat

I don't wana go outside

I barely make it to class

Sometimes I don't even know how to feel

I just want to sleep my life l tragedy will I endure next?

The loss of a child has already cut me deep

Seeing my sister bald due to a demon called cancer kills me everyday

What will pull me down next?

All because of anxiety and depression am I feeling this way

I just can't wait for the day that I conquer this whole thing

Everything that has every stole my happiness

The day that I can smile and honestly be ok

And everything not be a lie, lying behind my anxiety and depression

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