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There is More to It...

By Janae Spates, Virginia State University

Sometimes we hold out our hands to God in hopes He’ll give us something materialistic

Without even knowing whether He’ll give it to us

But it will always be something we need

And don’t come talking about some, “Well I need money!”

He knew you’d say that

But what if I told you, your life goes far beyond the needs your eyes seek to see

The truth of your heart lies beneath the superficiality of your desires

And the temporal ideas that swarm your mind

But what if the truth is it’s the comfort you need?

To feel secure in your life

And lay the danger of “less than” at ease

Or to feel the empowerment of control

To feel as though the peace that you carry comes from your tone

Or is it to feel the warmth of a God who truly loves and wants you to prosper and succeed?...

A man Whose hand is far greater than any of your unmet needs

God is and forever will be all that you need

And don’t forget His hand doesn’t always ensure money


But sometimes it secures peace

Distance from a broken society

And separation from a conformed variety

God’s hand carries true life, not just the needs that help us survive

About the Author

Janae Spates, Virginia State University

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