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The Loudest Silence

Updated: May 12, 2021

By BJ Winston

Why is it so hard for people to be themselves?

Why is it easier to be someone else?

Is it that you are genuinely infatuated that you do not want to admit that truth?

Frequently, I find myself asking these questions?

I am the furthest thing from perfect.

I see the glares and the attention that I receive when I walk into a room.

Are you impressed, or are you critiquing me?

Often, people lower themselves to fit into society's standards.

Back to the topic at hand, why must you have a terrible attempt at being me?

Is it that hard to be yourself?

You take my style, my stance, who knows what else.

Be you.

You don't know what I've been through; you cannot compare.

I am sure you would not be able to last one second in my position.

Who would you be if I were not accessible for you to feed off of?

Your insecurities will not disappear when you take on someone else's life.

It will only enhance your insecurities and make you hate yourself.

Love you.

There is no competition. Your life is your life.

Find the glamour in being the person you were created to be.

It is not easy, and it gets more complicated when public interests change daily.

Half of the world cannot express who they are without the thought of being what our ancestors created us to be.

About the Author

BJ Winston, Alabama A&M University

BJ Winston is a senior majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Forest management at Alabama A&M University. She is looking to go to graduate school for journalism after graduation in Fall 2021. She says she tends to write about situations that ignite her passion.

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