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The Great Outdoors

By Malia Saygo, Virginia State University

My peace is not confined to a certain place or person.

My peace shapeshifts into whatever color or texture it wants.

I truly have no control over my peace, yet when I’m there I have all the control I need.

Stepping outside to the fresh air feels like I’m being plugged in and recharged.

The feeling of sunrays on my skin and the sound of water rushing downstream makes me feel safe.

The trees are free to explore where they want.

Birds flying with no limitations.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.

Seeing the way nature is free makes me smile.

Seeing the way it all lives in harmony makes me smile.

Being surrounded by the great outdoors makes me forget the four walls that I call home.

This can be my home, away from home

About the Author

Malia Saygo, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a senior psychology major at Virginia State University. Malia only recently began writing creatively, but plans to do more writing, painting and drawing after graduation while pursuing a career working with children.

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