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The Connection of Souls

By Kayla Disasi

Winner, 2021 VSU Art + Poetry Contest

There lies my heart outside my chest.

There lies my savior.

The 2 pain killers in the form of a hug.

There lies my peace.

There lies my gift that I begged to have for 12 years.

The joy is infinite.

There lies my sunshine on days where the greyest clouds take over the bluest sky.

There lies my love.

A bond as unbreakable as the chains of gravity that bind the earth to the sun.

There lies my reason for no more attempts on my life.

There lies my promise to protect as a knight protects a kingdom.

There lies my mother’s wish.

There lies the connection that ignited my will to live.

The flare gun in my sea of nothingness.

There lies my boat the carry me along.

There lies my life insurance.

There lies the color to a black and white movie.

A tug of war of I love you more.

The connection of souls that gods bestowed upon us.

The love between a sister and her brother.

About the Author

Kayla Disasi, Virginia State University

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