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By Tishina Honeyblue

Poetry Winner, 2021 VSU Student Writing Contest

She left little licks of love

In the ditch where they made poison

The Sun has snitched on him again

He forgot to add his British tone

Weak to the witched in the day

Only they were gypsies in the night

The dark guided his words and walk

The potions helped him cast spells

But in the light, he is an unimaginable human.

Just bad posture and uneventful words.

Now he is doomed to be alone.

Because no one forgets the whispers of sobriety.

About the Author

Tishina Honeyblue, Virginia State University

Tishina Honeyblue is a sophomore Social Work major at Virginia State University. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Tishina has been writing poetry since the 8th grade. Her writing influences include music, nature, history and beauty. She says that writing is a daily habit she doesn't think she'll ever stop.

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