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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Ekphrasis in Verse 2018

"Shadow (of Her Soul)” by Sybil Mouna Toure

by Imani Jefferson

Stripped of complete innocence The dark shadow lingering on my shoulders How can I stand to fight? When my shoulders feel like the weight of the world is on them

Depression was my evil twin Depression was the reason I didn’t open the door when they came knocking for me Depression was the reason I let my phone ring and you knew it was seen Depression was the reason I decided to sleep instead of facing reality Depression was lying on the cold floor of the bathroom only able to feel the surface Because my body was to numb to feel the tears of aching pain Depression was the reason I was alone

I think I love the feeling of loneliness But no that was my shadow telling me that lie again I hated the four walls that I was all too familiar with The fear of seeming weak to others so I remained in the box my shadow created

There was no way to escape my shadow…. It was a part of me Just when I thought I couldn’t see it There it was telling me I could never beat it…

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