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Save Me

By Erica Alston

From the Mass Communication Department’s 2016 Photojournalism Exhibit

Protect me from the eyes of society

Shield me from the fate my skin tone provides me

Born and raised in America, forced to decide which

America I will live in:

The dream or its reality

Although neither was made to suit me.

Built by men of democracy with minds of hypocrisy.

It just don’t add up.

The way you come in this world where they strive to keep you

If you’re lucky you break out and take your family with you.

We weren’t meant to survive

It’s a setup

Like Tupac said.

So save me.

Save me from the chains of this democratic hell

Where the men steal, cheat and lie for the price of life

Or where a badge entitles you to shoot first ask permission later

Save Me.

Save Me from the corners of this democratic hell

Where blue eyes lurk in the darkness waiting to relieve us of our sanity.

Save Me

Lend me a friendly hand, with intentions of greatness

and a neutral heart.

Help me understand that everything might not be alright

But I should try.

Remind me that what I see in the mirror is not a result of this country’s 1000th sin.

Remind me that this is a cycle built with the goal of entrapment.

Remind me that you need saving too. Cause I’ll save you.

I’ll save you from the mistakes you were fed, and the lies that mothered you.

Let me save you.

Save you from your ancestors’ hate.

And your soul deep bitterness.

Will you let me save you?

From the face in the mirror

And that person behind your eyes

That comes closer and closer to taking your last breath.

I’ll be your savior I promise I’ll save you

Even if you won’t promise to save me.

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