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By Mystique Meredith, Virginia State University

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“Good morning.” 

I stir awake, greeted by the voice of my partner, Michael. I flinch at the sunlight as he removes the blindfold from my eyes. I say nothing–unable to, still with a ball gag in my mouth. A puddle of drool drips from my mouth onto my shoulder and the pillow where I slept last night. Winter is here and the room is cold. A breeze blows over my pierced nipples, sending shivers down my spine and causing the bright red rope, tied so deliciously around my body, to dig and tighten further into my skin. I moan as the pain and pleasure radiate throughout my body.  

I wiggle onto my side, up onto the spittle-soaked pillow as best I can with my arms and legs hogtied. I try to sit up on my knees but only succeed in falling on my side like one of those inflatable clown punching bags–except I don’t bounce back up. I look up pleadingly at Michael, hoping my usual maneuver of puppy dog eyes might at least get him to remove the ball gag. Michael laughs and I roll my eyes. 

“Were you good last night? Doesn’t look like you were.” He says, a mischievous smile gracing his lips.  

I hear footsteps coming from the hallway, I tense up, close my eyes, and hold my breath, trying to shrink into myself. I hear a knock on the door jam and release my breath, opening my eyes to see a worried look flash briefly across Michael’s face. He regains his composure and smiles at the door.  

“No, they weren't, they were very, very naughty.” The deep bass of our partner, Wolfe, announces his presence before I notice him sauntering up to Michael, wrapping one arm around his waist and kissing him deeply, taking his breath away. I whine behind my gag, wanting to be kissed, too, preferably by both of them.  

“Aht, Aht, none of that now,” Wolfe admonishes. “I told you that it’ll be Michael’s decision on whether you get out in the morning or at lunch” 

Smiling still, Michael bites his bottom lip, looking lustfully at our Wolfe, who chuckles and pulls him in by the back of his neck for another breathtaking kiss.  

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I think overnight binding is punishment enough. Any longer and it’ll be cruel, mon cher.”  

“Alright, alright. I’ll untie them. It is her anniversary. I suppose I’ll be nice.”  


“It's been six months since we got them away from that club.” 

“Has it? Time certainly has flown. So, what would you like to do today to celebrate your six months of freedom.”  

Michael looks lovingly at me as he unclasps the ball gag from my mouth and then moves to untie Wolfe’s masterful rope work. He releases my hands and feet to allow blood to flow back into the extremities. I wiggle my tingling fingers and toes, hissing as the blood rushes back. Micheal trails his hands up my calf, to my thigh, caressing my hip before firmly slapping my left ass cheek, then tracing his pointer finger up my spine to start on the knots keeping my arms bound behind my back. Every touch, every caress sets my skin alight in ecstasy.  

Michael leans forward and kisses me from the bottom of my shoulder blade along my shoulder to my neck where he pauses to suck at the juncture where my neck and shoulder meet. I let out a whimper. Michael leans down to my ear and breathes  

“What do you want to do, mon cher?” 

“I want you, both of you. I want to spend all day together in bed, in the living room, in the kitchen, everywhere.” I whine. 

“As you wish, my love,” Wolfe says from across the room, temporarily forgotten.  

While Michael unties me and turns away, I notice that he has a plethora of toys for us to play with–vibrators, dildos, plugs, weights, candles, whips, chains, and cuffs. 


For a moment I slip far, far from this room and into a memory–a damp, dark room, where I am cuffed, blindfolded, only able to hear the shuffling of those around me. 

I shake it away, though, bringing myself back to the present, admiring Michael’s toned back as he prepares the toys. Cuffs included. It looks as if I am in for a cruel and delicious day. I stretch out my arms and, having been released from the rope, I lock eyes with Wolfe. 

He looks back at me with his dark chocolate brown eyes, beautifully sculpted nose and cheekbones, full lips curled into his ever-present smirk, his brown almost black locs hang down his back, the tips just grazing his tailbone. My eyes wander lower to his chest, biting my lip as I take in his smooth dark skin, well-muscled chest, a singular nipple piercing on his right nipple, his defined six-pack ending in a V that disappears down into his plaid sleep pants… 

“See something you like?” he taunts me.  

“I might” I say, trying to be coy after having just stared at him like a starved animal.  

“Hey, what about me? Aren’t you going to stare at me?”  

I turn with a chuckle to stare equally as hungrily at my other partner Michael, lying on his side, the tall, 6’4–slightly shorter than Wolfe’s 6’7–white man covered in tattoos, from his pecs onto his arms for two full sleeves of artwork, none on his back yet, one large tattoo of a wolf on his right calf and artwork from his left hip down is thigh ending at the top of his left knee. He smiles a smile that takes up his whole face. He looks at me with crystal blue eyes and I reach out and run my fingers through his naturally blond hair, long on the top and shaved on the sides. I push him onto his back and climb on top of him. He’s still fully clothed, having only just returned from the airport.  

Michael lets out a low chuckle, looking up at me. He begins to caress my upper thighs, tracing up my hips. I place my hands on his chest and lean down to kiss him, which I have desired since I heard his voice waking me this morning. He kisses me back, fiercely, pulling me closer so he can stick his tongue deeper into my mouth. I clutch his shirt in my fists and grind against him, feeling his body responding beneath me. 

When I feel the bed dip behind us, another memory intrudes–the bed dips, I’m being held at my thighs by the man underneath me. The man behind me unlocks the cuffs, ties my arms back with rope, pulls the gag down and kisses me, his hands roaming, roaming, roaming… 

I snap out of it when I feel Wolfe’s hands wrap around my waist, drifting up towards my breasts, tweaking my pierced nipples. I let out a gasp. He laughs smugly then pulls me in for a kiss of his own.  

“I’m ok, I’m ok,” I think to myself. “I’m safe.” 

Michael, perceptive as always, gently strokes my thighs, reassuring me that it’s true: I am safe. I smile down at him, and seconds later I feel Wolfe pressing himself against me, grinding into me and pushing me further against Michael’s stiff erection. 

“Undress him,” he growls in my ear. 

A shiver runs down my spine, I lean forward and bite Michael’s lip before lifting his shirt over his head. Wolfe climbs off the bed and grabs some toys for us to use. I slink down Michael’s chest kissing my way down. Michael kicks his shoes to the floor thump, thump while I unfasten him and unbutton his pants, pulling them down over his hips to reveal black and red heart boxer briefs. 

“Aw, you’re wearing the underwear I bought you.” 

“Of course, mon cher, it’s a gift from you.”  

“Aw, babe,” I say with a smile. 

I lean in to Michael, kissing my way down, down, down, taking him into my mouth, listening to him moan, gripping the sheets in his hands and arching his back in shock and bliss. 

Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain smack and then heat on my ass.  

“Take your hand off of yourself,” Wolfe growls from behind me, but before I can comply, he yanks my hand away and replaces it with his thick one and I moan, letting my throat vibrate against Michael until I gag in surprise, it becomes hard to breathe, and panic flashes in my eyes. 

Wolfe pulls me off Michael.  

“Are you ok?” he asks, looking into my eyes, searching for a lie 

“Yes,” I say, “Michael just surprised me is all. I'm fine, we can continue.” 

“You sure?” Michael asks softly, him and Wolfe sharing a glance over my head. 

“Yeah, I’m sure.” I say, rolling my eyes.  

I start up again, and Micheal lets out a breathy moan. I look up into his eyes and smile. 

“See?” I reassure him, “All good.” And I command him to finish what he started. 

“Was it good?” Michael asks, afterwards. 

“Yeah,” I breathe out.  

“After we rest, what would you like to eat?” Wolfe asks, “We’re going to need a lot of calories.” 

“Pizza,” Michael and I say in unison, exhaustedly, before drifting off into sleep.

About the Author

Mystique Meredith, Virginia State University

Mystique Meredith is an English and Creative Writing major at Virginia State University. Born and raised in Ettrick, Virginia, Mystique is all about diving into different worlds through reading, writing, anime, video games, and comic books. As a fat, Black, fem, nonbinary bisexual person, they pour their heart into creating diverse and inclusive fiction across all genres, from fantasy to cyberpunk, and they invite you to journey to new worlds together!

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M.j. Meredith
M.j. Meredith
29 avr.

Hi all this is a much condensed version of my story if y'all want to read the full unedited version of Pleasure, here's the link; Mystique 😉

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