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Piano Troubles

By Tori Lyde

Devin Lightner

88 keys on a piano, right? No color though just

black and white.

Happy mediums, there’s no room.

One or the other plays a specific tune.

Can life be that simple, easy, carefree?

Instead of decisions, battles, insecurity.

I wish life were a piano or its keys;

Man my song would be the bees’ knees.

My notes would never play low, always high;

Sweet melodic sounds like angels in the sky.

Misty blue, not Blues, no way!

Every song would end in oh happy day.

I tried to learn piano, didn’t go so well.

Guess I’m not black and white, can you tell?

Maybe if there was red and green, I’d succeed.

Those colors I definitely know, indeed.

But that’s not the case, I’m sorry say.

So I accept it for what it is and go about my day.

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