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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

By Asia-Aylana Simone White

16. What a young age to give Birth. Sunny San Diego, California, the year is 1973, and its Fall. California had always been quite liberal, free of many social critics. Shortly after birth, she was given away to my great grandmother. Growing up in the 80’s was so

different. One side of the road

was red, the other was blue.

All night bullets flew.

And then finally they moved.

She now lived in a large yellow

house with an oversized pool in

the back yard, blue and deep.

But during that time, her mother

still ran the streets, but now she was alone.

Only thing my mom knows about her father

were his hazel eyes.

Years came and went, and now

it was time for college. Afraid of

both sides of the streets, she stayed

indoors, and never went out much.

Shelter prevents growth and learning.

She chose to come all the way to

The Virginia State University.

Just like high school she joined

the band, and soon came a man.

And two years later a baby, and

3 years after that, another, me.

A then he was too gone.


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