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Molded Into Colors

by Tashari Ferguson

I may be

on your wall or somewhere

In an art gallery

It’s easy for you to see

my beauty but I went through

Trial and error to get to

where I am now

I was looking for someone

to guide me and paint

a part of my story

But did they use

the right colors?

They were never found

because my vision was different

My scars and mistakes

may be hard to find

But if you look closer

You can see how neatly

My flaws were covered with

My strengths, they’re the watermarks…

You may think my eyes

are glistening from the tears

I cried

But I am filled with joy

Like the cup of wine

in your hand

Doesn’t it make you

Feel good?

My smile shows my gratitude

Even though my heart

Has a black line between it

That curve should be

The reason

Why I got your attention

I’m not a sex symbol, I am a masterpiece

I just want you to see that my love rests

Through my yellow shirt

The vibrant colors of nude and orange

express how I truly feel

The white and blue blurs

Express how many times

I’ve tried to erase my insecurities

You can see that my hand

is bleeding from the pain

As I wave to other people

Letting them in my life

My brown curly hair

Falls beautifully over my forehead

As it is wrapped in a colorful turban

I’ve grown to love myself

Hopefully you get that message

As you glance at me and smile

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