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Makes Me Proud

By Janise Johnson, Virginia State University

To have and to hold

The beauty of watching your life


For who am I?

To be chosen for such a gift

Nothing have I done

Is as elegant as this

To be called upon in hard times

To be called upon in happy times

To be called...just because I am

Nothing that exists

Could have prepared me for this

To be called from the next room

To be called from 10 hours away

To be called from 3 days away

To be called Mom

When so many can’t call Mom

About the Author

Janise Johnson, Virginia State University

Janise Johnson is a senior transfer student and Creative Writing major and Virginia State University. She is an Army veteran, a mother, a grandmother, and a retired federal employee. She is also a business owner and has written the first edition of her monthly newsletter, “The Black Veteran.”

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1 Comment

May 01

Jj- I can definitely relate what a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing 💕

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