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I know your mother.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Ekphrasis in Verse 2018

“I know your mother.” by Dexter Walker

by Dayana Lee

You look like your mother, son I know your mother.

Do she? Do she know you out here with your pants sagging, robbing folks, teeth all blinged out, looking like you ain’t got no fucking sense?

You all deranged I…. I know your mother and when I look in your hazel eyes.

I don’t see no killer. I see Laraye’s baby boy. I see a baby. Trying to be the man that his father never taught him to be. You all perplexed. You’ve lost your way.

Gritting yo teeth at me like I ain’t a nobody. Putting them boys that got guns on a pedestal like theys God Like they the ones you answer to for judgement day.

Calling women bitches When you on your four knees for men that tote metal because they too coward to use they fists. Pretty Gangstas. I’m confused who the real bitch is.

Fix your face when I am talking to you.

You dodging bullets like you ain’t been shot already. Society done got you already. How it is so easy to kill the offspring of a black boy when they began to murder each other. When the babies die. So do the generations to come.

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