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He’s Eleanor’s Weapon, Not Her Son

By Brandon X. Givens, Virginia State University

He’s born strong, handsome, and of high status.

Pretty as a peach.

Perfect to the definition.

He’s a prince, richer than rich.

Like the ideal man.

Like the inspiration for every little boy.

He has a purpose, but not his own.

The queen calls for him to be an offensive force.

If she needs it, she’ll call for him to be defense.

Queen Eleanor sees him as a sword and a shield,

But never once as her offspring.

Never has he heard an “I’m proud of you.”

Never has he heard an “I love you.”

Never has he had a hug or a kiss.

Never has he felt a mother’s warmth.

Never has he heard his mother say his name.

No friends, no allies, no companions.

No one to say his name.

He forgets his own name sometimes...


He’s emotionless, unable to realize his own pain...

‘Tis be the emptiness of Prince Shane.

About the Author

Brandon X. Givens, Virginia State University

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