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by Branson Neuman


Soliloquies spit in cursive Each verse is diverse with purpose Hurting cuz I couldn’t see first without some hearses Pursing lips I’m cursing Err Reverse it Now you’re worth it Forgave someone who hurts you Just because they good at twerking Surfaces never reveal the facts you learn and I’m worrying about the Churning in my stomach I’m just stirring I’m too ready to leave Never ready to stay Family glad to see me But then I’m up and away Eloquently speaking sulfur slurring sometimes I just spit Effortlessly coursing from the flow upon my lips Flow Frozen Cold Open Heart Surgery I wear my vessels on my sleeve And soul upon my speech Bouquet made of voices Roses wilt in June The sweltering heat of summer Now fades behind the moon Evidently speaking like I’m Einstein with a peace of mind Ending such a poem With the pieces that I left behind

“Eloquent” by Mekka Carter

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