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Changing Minds

By Sherena Willford, Virginia State University

If you were to change your mind//

I’d be first in line.

Except, you’re so fucking fickle

It gives me whiplash.

One day you want me,

The next you won’t even speak to me.

Why can’t you make up your damn mind?

I guess I’ll choose for you instead.

No matter how I feel for you//

I deserve better than you.

I’m over here with my heart aching//

But you wouldn’t care.

You’re for everybody//

I only wanted to be for you

Wait, I think I’ve changed my mind.

If you were to change your mind,

I’d keep walking.

Ignore your text.

Block you on all socials.

I talk a big game for a hopeless romantic.

If you were to change your mind.

I’d have to force myself to stay away from you//

You’ve already proven that I mean nothing to you.

Fuck me, then leave me,

That’s your game right?

After all, you find it cute that I like you.

Oh hey, I changed my mind again.

I’ll learn how to mend my own heart again.

I’ll learn how to be enough for myself and not you.

I’ll learn to read the signs better.

Thank you, honey for changing your mind//

You’ve helped me see that you were never worth my time.

About the Author

Sherena Willford, os Carrollton, Virginia, is an English major with a concentration in creative writing at Virginia State University. When she is not studying, she enjoys writing and listening to music.

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