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By Nadine Rayes

Devin Lightner

The story ended on a bit of a letdown. Just

Seemed to fall flat at the end

The jokes didn’t make any sense so

Silence quickly filled the room with its

biting existence.

Silence. The worst possible answer to

An excited storyteller. Easter to make

other’s laugh

With witty banter and comical puns

But silence kills without mercy.

It murdered the flow of conversation.

Filled the room with a comatose tension.

Dismantled the casual tone of everyone’s voices.

And stuck around when it was no longer welcome.

Seconds stretch into what felt like millennia. Simply

Waiting for someone, anyone to

Say something, anything but silence

Can be the hardest thing to break

Unless someone is brave enough

To speak out against silence’s ghastly presence.

To banis silence with a forced laugh,

coupled with

“Well that was awkward!”

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