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Are You Listening?

by Jasmine Ward

Where does it hurt? Everywhere huh? Why? I don’t know the answer right huh? Smile and be happy because you are living and breathing is what they tell you right huh? But are you living or just surviving? Mental Health or should I say Black Mental Health.

Oh wait be quiet, shut up, stop talking. Us people well I mean “my people” we don’t have issues right? We can’t say the word mental in our community because they just say we are crazy right. I mean us getting beaten like Rodney King in 1991, shot down like Trayvon Martin in 2012, it’s like we trapped in a dark tunnel screaming I can’t breathe almost like Eric Garner was in 2018. But hold up are you listening.

Yes you can be black and depressed. I’ll say it again yes you can be black and depressed. But hold up are you listening. You woke up tense, crying, screaming, numb, and thinking today I swear today is the day that if my friend ask me one more time am I okay I’m going to freaking take my wig off and throw it at her then yell to the top of my lungs screaming no I’m not okay so freaking help me. Oh wait hold up you still not listening.

So I’ll ask you this again are you living or just surviving. Check on your friend then tell that friend to check on their friends until we break the chain or until we find the key to unlock the door to happiness. Yes you can be black and depressed. Help me before you call me crazy. Black Mental Health Matters!

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