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Add Lights

By Telvis Savage

From the Mass Communication Department’s 2016 Photojournalism Exhibit

I hear your questions and I hate questions Like how have you been coping with all of your blessings But I ain’t know blessings were something you had to cope with mini

I guess it’s confusing you never seen me this focused It’s all me now I’m not opened cause they switched sides with no particular notion You live and you learn though I see clearly They lost sight though They like that’s too raw for ‘em That’s just right though Your flow too dark lately I think you should add lights Fortunately I’m not really into taking advice so I’m likely to ignore all the places our conversation might go I feel like a psycho Like where did my life go Cause I came to college chasing my alternate life goals Something about the classroom didn’t feel right though Notes on the board of course I don’t write those I much rather write these It seems like a nice course But I’m skipping my next class I hope it’s the right choice Sayin’ sorry to my moms Cause I’m thinking ‘bout you too Even though I know you didn’t think I really care like I used to

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