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Only Little Girls Cry

By Michelle Allette, Virginia State University

Only little girls cry,

And I have aged.

I was always told

Dry your eyes only little girls cry!

So as I get pushed and moved

Along life, changes have broken me.

But my eyes stayed dry.

I remind myself:

Only little girls cry!

Scar tissue has hardened.

Each whip on my heart is building me.

A stronger me.

I'ma dry eyed little girl.

I disappear when I'm surrounded by rocks.

Phase me not life!

I'm taking every punch.

Only little girls cry.

Let me fix my skirt,

gloss my lips.


with my frile hands on my hips.

I don't need any tissue.

Daddy I sure miss you,

but mommy said I don't want to see a tear!

–locking it up as we speak.

Are my vocals broke?

I'm struggling to speak.

Don't cry little girl.

That will only break you.

Above my cheeks

there will be no leaks.

Only little girls cry.

About the Author

Michelle Allette, Virginia State University

Michelle Allette is a Junior at VSU, majoring in Sociology with a minor in English. In her spare time, Michelle likes to spend time with her children, give back to the community, write and watch movies. Michelle says that writing is her therapy and that it has saved her many times, ever since childhood.

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