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Lost Melanin

by Capri Wise

*scrolling* *scrolling* Stop! My fingertips stopping instantly “64,000 Black Women Currently Missing In the U.S.” My pupils dilate as I read the caption on my Timeline. I can’t believe what I am seeing… The dark feeling of ignorance hovered over me So much variety. Different shades of brown. Lost into the earth’s soil. Where are they? Who has them? Are they really missing, Or are they hiding? Questions taking the place of my clear thought of process. Fright, as fear filled my heart. As I discover the knowledge that bodies of African Americans are being sold for harvesting. Melanin being worth $300 a gram more than gold. Let me not get swindled into what these crazy people make up!… or should I listen? Are we stuck in a nightmare that’s being controlled right before our eyes? I Have questions, but we all should. “Bring our girls back home!” flooding black America. as knowledge is slowly but surely being brought to our attention. We need to come together as a whole, because our girls are MISSING!

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