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Late Nights Reminiscing About You Here in Our Home

By Talya Johnson

Winner, 2021 VSU Art + Poetry Contest

I miss our late-night breakfast spots; we were always the last ones left. Scoping the place out was my favorite thing to do how we made those spaces our own no matter who was in the room. Late night drives soulful music filled our ears; Teddy Pendergrass seem to put our hearts at ease while we coast through the streets here with you in this moment is where I needed to be. Riding with thetop down away in thewind with every new adventure, we had big dreams. Seeing the world with you … our future was bright; we were destined for greatness while making our mark with every new footprint on the world. Let's go back to the simpler times when things were just right when laughter filledthe room and petty arguments had nothing on us. Making up seemed to always put us in a good place, even if the odds were against us, we stayed solid. Loving you was my favorite; seeing a smile on your face had a glow to it, I loved that about you. God, I miss you… I’m not afraidto admit that anymore cause at one point I wondered if those words meant anything as much as they do right now. Resting my face on your chest is where it felt like home, a place we built and called our own – I miss that type of comfort it was my sweetest intimate moment with you. Randomly falling asleep with you was my safe haven and knowing you be there when I awake is where I was comfortable, I had no care in the world nothing fazedme as long as I was here. I rememberthe shift between us …

When it stopped feeling like home and the foundation seemed to be all wehad …

I guess we both came to the realization of that when everything wasn’t as crystalclear than before. Maybe us beingapart was for the best.

I remember feeling the ache in my chest how closeslipping away felt like losing myself.

If we were meant to see eye to eye again someday, we would.

I had my best interest at heart with you…

Suddenly losing you felt okay if our hearts weren’t in it the same anymore, I knew you were safe without me.

I knew how far we both go, life had something in store for us … even if that meant us not being on the same journey together.

I’d see you again this time it wouldbe different. So, I hope when our paths would cross as one againand if we didn’t you have my heart forever; my love for you is infinite

you are the only one for me.

My soul was so sure of you that it built a memory of you even if you aren’t near you got toexperience my soul in different forms, and no one can say that

maybe that’s why it so hard to detach.

You are someone I’m still drawn to and nothing will ever change that.

Even when my thoughts of you keep me awake at night I'm still reminiscing about how sweet our love was …

We can’t rush this thing called love so let’s take it slow – let’s be in this moment together, taking us both back to the good ole days again when riding with the top down

was just one our new adventures.

My love

About the Author

Talya Johnson, Virginia State University

Talya Johnson is a senior Mass Communications major at Virginia State University. She is a writer of poetry and short fiction and Editor-in-Chief of One Twenty One.

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