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“I Love You”

By Jacquori Braddock

From the Mass Communication Department’s 2016 Photojournalism Exhibit

All girls dorm that I’m sneakin’ in,

But you the only one I picture being with

On a night like this, Bed fightin,

I hope you ain’t got a 8:00 in the morning.

The two of us are livin’ in the moment

Do I have a Trojan?

What for I am a Trojan.

Just playin’, I stay protected

I need a Smith & Wesson

Just to roam around the campus.

Will you take everything off but that necklace?

See Quor is coy on campus

But here I’ll be as, reckless as Ralph


A little college humor

Can you please be my teacher?

No longer looking for a tutor

Because, you know, females always try to degrade me.

But, you are nothing like any of them, and I swear

You are the one that has remade me

And I mean that sincerely

Not speaking poetry

Can I transform you to my queen?

Treat you as if your royalty

Shower you with my loyalty

Hold you close to me

At night and spoil like

Chris spoils his Royalty?

Cause I didn’t pray for Kim or Kourtney

I prayed for Ayesha Curry.

But I’m just bein’ real though,

I can see all your potential

You workin towards a career

And a life not drama filled.

And I admire that I assure you

You are the one

And I adore you

But just know

Even when it’s not Valentine’s Day

I’ll only want more of you…

Because I love you.

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