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by Davayonn Tyler

You know what they say “the good die young “… Didn’t want to live long anyway Seem like first kisses next to school houses Turned to marriage, spouses, sex and dinner dates

Call of duty We used play games And roleplay Now we play roles And hope for payroll We burn bridges just Pay dues and …To pay toll When duty calls (1-800) It takes tolls On us and when times hard We break rolls

Of quarters in order To feed our daughters

And sons Blame it on the damn sun

Blame it on the days passed Oh how time sway fast

Duck Duck to playing Mother goose paying bills To keep loose bills shut. Loose bills shut in savings to keep new bills up. Cut bad friends off sorry my crews cut Crewcut, interview new shaving (Its funny how we grew up) We gossip, spilling tea To make a fresh brewed cup

“But Honey we just add lemons life threw us

And often when we argue Our inner-kid take part too

We need immaturity To humble us We need that purity In that adult world that Crumbles us

I’ll rather drown-in the foun-tain of youth

Than to fall down at the peak of reality

Of the mountain of truth

Some of us had seeds(kids) Some gotten buried(Died) Some got green Some got married

go-round the ring finger gold bound stone bleaming

And to those I give a green thumbs up

Know what ? I really regret saying I can’t wait till I grow up

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