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Free-Verse Poem

Updated: May 12, 2021

By Ja'el Bryant

WInner, 2021 VSU Art + Poetry Contest

The broken boy

Met the open-minded, optimistic, helpless romantic

She would stare into his eyes and see strength and passion

She was lost

She didn't see the bruises that were thrown

Or the lies that he tried to cover

All she saw was him

She was lost in the abyss of this life

He took advantage of this

He saw the waves of desire in her eyes

And at first, he was was floating

Riding this wave, which would soon drown her

But something was out to get him

Something that's been chasing him since he was a child

The fear of happiness

The horror of not being accepted of his true self to others

It’s automatic.

So he stopped the boat


Leaving her with the only memories she had left

And the tears that would soon come after

About the Author

Ja'el Bryant, VIrginia State University

Ja'el Bryant is a rising sophomore at Virginia State University, majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in English. Originally from San Francisco, California, Ja'el also throws women's shot put and discus for the VSU Track and Field team. She aspires to be a filmmaker as well as a screen writer that can vividly express her thoughts and stories onto a screen that people can enjoy.

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