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Dark Thoughts

by Aaliyah Duah

Was it fear that held me back?

All the pain that I felt from the neglect.

If I heard your voice just one more time, then maybe I wouldn’t cry.

But my mind is drifting many ways.

It goes here, there, and just everywhere.

I feel empty without you even when I’m full.

A wise man once told man never let a woman make you look like a fool.

But here I am the fool again.

Drowning in my own ocean wondering where to swim.

Maybe y’all were both two birds and I’m just one stone and I’m looking for the perfect her.

Or maybe I’m beating myself up inside because I don’t know where to reside.

I asked god to help me choose but when I do, I always lose.

Lose you to a different flesh, leaving me broken thinking nonetheless, I couldn’t be the best.

Was I not what you wanted or maybe what we had wasn’t important?

Now I’m left lonely with nobody to hold me.

But god touched me and told me, you are not alone.

I know where you reside.

I’ll see you at the top with those beautiful brown eyes.

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