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by Ajanee Suber

What is color? Is green a blade of grass or a bright shiny apple. What about red, the color you said you see when you feel the heat from fire. How about blue like the big blue sky. Or even yellow like the cheese on that pizza you love so much. Yes, but wait you told me about pink right? Most of the yummiest gums are pink then. Wait.. you did say something about orange the color you said may rhythm with door hinge. I giggle just a bit but then you forgot to tell me about the color black. The color black is more my speed. It’s the color of evil some say. So I’m I evil? Others may say it’s the color of sadness. I’m I sad? Most wear it to funerals you told me, so am I dead already? In my everyday life I try to figure out what is color, if all of this is true. Could someone even explain color to someone like me. Never mind it’s all is true because you could never get me to see the real colors of the world. Why you ask because for me blackness is all I see.

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